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      About abdelilah Chahdan        معلومات حول عبد الإله شهدان

 Date of birth :                06/07/1964

Nationality  :                  Moroccan

Spoken Languages :   Arabic/English/French  spoken and written                                                         

Marital status  :            Married 

Interests :                      Literature, psychology, Philosophy,  photography,  computers, hill walking


1986                   Baccalaureate Bilingual Modern Letters/Ibn Aabass College,Marrakech.

1993              Bachelor of Art ( Linguistics) & English literature, including translation courses: theory & practice.

2002/03      Post Graduate certificate of translation (inter college, UK)


 1994                    Teacher of English as a second Language in Morocco.

1995                    Information Delegate. Residence Amina,Marrakech : Timeshare

1996                    Local Guide, Marrakech. ( Ministry Of Tourism ).  

1997                    National Guide, Morocco ( Ministry Of Tourism Morocco ).For both English & French speakers.

1998/01       Tour Leader in Morocco, for Voyage Jules Verne, 21 Dorset Square, London.